About our bridges

  • Provides an alternate billiard bridge for use by the billiard player who is physically challenged
  • Provides a billiard bridge for the young and adult beginner players
  • Provides an alternative to the existing, bulky and awkward billiard bridge cue, for the experienced player
  • So compact the Shifty Bridge fit’s in your pocket
  • Great for stroke training & extended shots
  • Mastered by amateurs and experts
  • Used by adaptive players
  • Played on tables around the world

Although a player might have limitations, such as confinement to a wheelchair or trouble with reach, he or she can use their Shifty Bridge for shots that require added extension. Our Shifty Bridge provides the player assistance without bulk and awkwardness. These objectives are met with the advanced billiard technology of our Shifty Bridge patented design.

The Shifty Bridge is a single wheel billiard bridge manufactured in Clover, SC. It is made of a flexible, malleable plastic material. The bridge wheel is assembled onto the bottom half of the housing, with a stainless steel rod that runs through the center of the wheel. The top of the housing consists of a double slotted cavity through which the cue shaft end is slipped. The slits at the top and at the bottom of the cavity allows for use on cues ranging from ten and a three-quarters millimeters (10.75 mm) to twelve millimeters (12 mm). The compact size allows for easy use, for easy removal, and for easy carry.