Proudly Made in the USA

“Great American People”

I used to work once or twice a year for a hunting and fishing company that deals with over-seas production companies all the time. When the idea of designing this bridge came to me, I was bound and determined to keep production of this bridge in the USA.

I was told about a mold and plastic maker, whom I initially entrusted to make this bridge. After weeks of unfulfilled promises I knew I needed to look elsewhere. I decided to look in the yellow pages, and stumbled onto the mold and plastic injector section right off! The first company I spotted was PART Incorporated. I called them and set up an appointment to meet with the owners, Brad and Kacy Denton. We talked about the product and they seemed very honest and down to earth. I could not help notice how clean their plant was and how professional they were. These two factors convinced me to have them do the mold and plastic work.

The farther into our conversation, the magnitude and the cost of this undertaking had come more clear to me; but Brad and Kacy, being the kind of people they are, proposed a deal I could not pass up. The trust and the compassion they impelled on me was ever so gratifying.

Brad and Kacy Denton didn’t know me before our meeting about the Shifty Bridge. I really felt their mind set was to help me, a fellow American who needed help to get my idea realized, and boy they really did help me. To me, this is the real meaning of true compassion.

In closing, I’m sure fate brought us together, and I know with their compassion and our combined drive and dedication, the Shifty Bridge will be a great success for all pool players. This is why we insist that every package states “USA Made”.

Thank you Brad & Kacy from the bottom of my heart.



1427 OLD N. MAIN ST. CLOVER, SC 29710
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