Shifty Bridge

Shifty Bridges are proudly manufactured and hand assembled in South Carolina. We use a synthetic material allowing easy application yet firm grip for any cue you choose.


Our 1 and 3 wheel pocket sized bridges are approved by the world’s largest pool leauges and shipped around the world.

What people are saying

Pool shooting is my passion. Big bulky bridges are my worst enemy. The Shifty Bridge is so quick & easy, it’s like adding a foot to the end of my cue stick. I know what I am getting my brother for Christmas. Thanks Shifty Bridge!

John John


I’m confined to a wheelchair and I love to play pool all the time. I bought a $500 dollar, 6 foot long stick to help me shoot. From a wheelchair it’s not so easy to shoot, let alone handle two sticks for trouble shots. When using the “Shifty Bridge”, which is priced very reasonably, on my extension shots, I found my shots are more steady. Wow, my confidence level has just gotten better.


South Carolina

Out with the old bridge, and in with the Shifty Bridge. It’s so cool. When I heard it was approved by the league I play in, I had to get my own. I have it ready for me to grab and use all the time. Mine’s Hot Pink too!

Kimberly S.

South Carolina

I bought my 8 year old son a shifty bridge. It definitely extends his cue to help him shoot. When he’s gone to bed, I take it from his room for me and momma to use. Momma & I are getting our own now. (5 Stars)



I shoot in a couple of organized pool leagues. When the Shifty Bridge was approved by these organizations I actually laughed. But! After using it, I’m so glad they did. Goodbye old bulky bridge. Hello shifty bridge.



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